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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Never Again - Good All Claypot Chicken Rice

BEAR: Never Again is pretty much self-explanatory. Food so bad it has it's own...
CAT: Charm?
BEAR: CHARM?! This has no charm. It's so bad, you eat it at your own risk. It so bad it deserves it's own category.

Good All Claypot Chicken Rice
BEAR: I believe that they have changed cooks recently. Priced at RM5, my jaw dropped when the lady lifted the Claypot lid and I saw..

Ta-daa daa

A few measly pieces of chicken, chinese sausage, a sprinkle of salted fish and spring onions all neatly arranged on one side of the claypot. Taste? Absolutely nothing special about it. Unless you like eating your rice with thick soya sauce and almost nothing else.

BEAR gives TWO thumbs and TWO toes down

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  1. Congrats on you blog!!! I'm looking forward to read all over foodie adventures :D

    Bella, after reading the explanations I totally get why your Bear and JH is Cat haha!

    Love it and I'm staying tuned!!


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