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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Consistency 2012

You would have thought that hungry Bear and Cat have died of starvation, but worry not, we're alive and well. Bear has even put on weight and now rolls around on the floor when trying to zip up her pants.

We have been to a few new places, reviews coming up, but mostly we went back to our usual haunts.

It would seem that only Sri Malaya, Isaribi Tei and Miraku have managed to remain consistent from the first time we visited them till now. (Review on Miraku incoming).

We were very sad to learn that Shinjutei has changed management. The food is somewhat the same, but not quite, better in some ways but worse in others.

La France no longer does omelettes, which pretty much removes the entire point of going there.

Il Bacaro is inconsistent. The food can sometimes be fabulous and sometimes makes you cringe.

We stopped going there for a time because not only was the food bad but the service was even worse. The waitress seemed annoyed when showing you to the table, annoyed when waiting for your table, annoyed when serving etc. She does the catwalk and struts to her own beat and trust me when I say, she walks damn slow. I want our old waitress back!! Heard our favourite waitress was actually from China House and was on loan to Il Bacaro for a while. I thought it was just me being impatient, but the very next day, my best friend called. She read our reviews and decided to give it a try, and she too complained about the very same waitress.

Thankfully, the last time we went IB, the dumb waitress was gone.

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