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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Delifrance @ Queensbay Mall

Where: Lot 1F-106, 107 & K1, 1F-78, Queensbay Mall
(The old Paddington House of Pancakes. If you see Uniqlo, you'll see Delifrance. You can't miss it.)

Opening Time: 11 am - 10pm

BEAR: Saw that Delifrance opened in Queensbay Mall and Sister Bear wanted to try it. Cat agreed saying that Delifrance has always made good pastries and had good food.

Not this one.

Bear stood in queue for a good 10 minutes with the line not moving. You might argue that it's only 10 minutes but try queuing for 10 minutes with nothing to do. They were severely understaffed and we could see a few moving in slow-mo.

Bear tried ordering the Steak and mushroom pie but they were out of pies; Bear tried ordering some soup but they were out of soup; Bear ordered Ice Peach Tea and they were also out of Peach Tea and it was only 12 noon! Bear doubt it was because of good business and more like it wasn't ready or no one bothered to make it yet.

Freshly Brewed Premium Brew with milk (RM7 for this tiny cup!!)

In the end, Sister Bear had Mushroom Bread Bowl and a cup of Freshly Brewed Premium Brew, Bear had Seafood Chowder Bread Bowl and Ice Lemon Tea, Cat had a Sausage Croissant (and diarrhea after that - AHAHAHAHAHA)

The damage:

Bear went home a little lighter, especially on the wallet section.

Around 10 minutes later, the food came. You'll have to excuse the poor quality pictures as they were taken with a handphone, since it was an impromptu review.

The Mushroom Bread Bowl

The bread bowl was actually pretty good. It was nicely baked and slightly crunchy on the outside yet soft on the inside. As for the mushroom soup inside...not so much. To Bear it was a little weird, almost jelli-fied mushroom soup. Fortunately, the mushroom tasted better than Bear's Seafood Chowder.

Halfway through the Mushroom Bread Bowl

Bear's Seafood Chowder looked great with two big prawns on top of everything else. However, Bear was not too impressed because the prawns were translucent and looked like it had been happily swimming in sodium tripolyphosphate (a preservative used for keeping prawns fresh and juicy, but very obvious when it is used. Fresh prawns should always be pure white in colour, not translucent - Cat)

The Seafood chowder was not too bad, it wasn't great either. It had prawns, surimi, anchovie (I only found one so no plural) carrots and some other things and it wasn't jelli-fied-ish. Not really worth the price we paid for it though.

Halfway through, Bear was begging Cat to help her finish it off. Cat liked Sister Bear's Mushroom Bread Bowl better and helped her finish off her bread bowl. Lousy, traitorous Cat!


BEAR: It superficially resembles Mario's Mushroom Soup that also comes in a bread bowl, though Mario's Mushroom and Clam Chowder is to die for, whereas Delifrance's Bread Bowl can go die.

Coffee was good., but ridiculously expensive at RM7 for a small cup.

Watch out for dirty utensils.

Saw this in the cutlery basket. Not ours. Had streaks of leftover 'cream' for added flavour.

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  1. Me and my wife went 2 separate occasions, sadly speaking, the service is terrible.
    The worker are not attentive and food is poorly served. Imagine a pie that is asked to be heated up but still taste cold inside. Coffee served so fast that the taste is almost tasteless.


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