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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Consistency 2013

It's that time for the reports again.

Isaribi Tei has updated their menu. New menu only means ONE thing, new prices. The price increase wasn't as bad as Bear was expecting. The sets are all gone and it is ala carte only. Just add an additional of RM2 for rice and miso soup.

Thank you Grumpy Old Man for still being affordable to poor Cats and Bears out there.

* Just a little additional info though, GOM does not like noise, children and crowds.

Sri Malaya might have closed down - we have not seen it open for a while.

Have not been back to Il Bacaro.

Oh Sushi has got a new menu too. Still affordable and good.

Healy Mac has the best pizzas in all of Penang and is comparable to the ones in Italy. Really! Affordable too.

Coming up next Mugshot Cafe! One of Cat and Bear's favourite cafes for lunch.

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