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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mugshot Cafe @ Chulia Street

Best in town for: Oven baked Bagels

Worst in town for: Lack of places to sit

Opening times:
Monday to Sunday
8.00 am to 9.00 pm

302 Chulia Street
10200 Penang

BEAR: Chulia Street has always been famous to Bear for one thing, and it's not a good thing. When the night comes, "girls" will be out on a hunt.  

This Bear likes Bagels. There was even a time when my lovely Cat would buy me bagels from Rainforest Bakery before fetching me from work on Fridays, it has now been replaced with Roasted Chestnuts @ Penang Road but the Bagels are still my favourite. 

The oven which they use to bake bagels

The chairs and tables are probably raided from a school and reminds Bear of Bear's Primary School years with the tiny wooden chairs and tables. The part Bear mostly remembers is when there is a gap between the chair and Bear's butt gets caught in it. Just thinking about it makes me cringe! Bear thinks all the females would remember the feeling but the guys probably wouldn't since they wear pants.

Mugshot Cafe's bagels are from Rainforest Bakery, conveniently located next door. The bagels in Mugshot cafe are oven baked, which means they come out slightly crispy on the edges yet soft and fluffy on the inside.

There is not much fillings for the bagels for now but Bear's favourite is the Bacon and Egg Bagel (without mayo) and the Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon Bagel (without the cream cheese). 

Bacon and Egg Bagel (RM10)

Coffee is good but a little too 'kaw'(strong) for this Bear. Bear doesn't want to be hairier than Cat, so usually I don't order this. (There is a joke that strong coffee puts hair on your chest)

CAT: Good bagels are very very hard to find in Penang. Actually, good bread in general is hard to find in Penang, and I am very pleased that  Mugshot Cafe / Rainforest Bakery is good at both!  

The Bacon & Egg Bagel is also my favorite, a delicious treat for when we want to have a light brunch. It is rather expensive at RM10 though, so we don't really come here often. That being said, the high price doesn't seem to deter Penangites, as Mugshot Cafe is always, always full of  customers. 

The assorted yogurts are also quite popular with the crowd, coming in a variety of flavours. However, they are quite expensive at RM10 each, but again, this doesn't seem to stop the customers from ordering it by the bucketload.

Kiwi and Honey Yogurt (RM10)

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