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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I-See-U-Nuggets and Cardboard Meatballs

The Cat and Bear ish back!

Lots of pictures from our eating trips and it is all awaiting Lazy Cat to take a break from World of Warcraft to do his share of writing and editing.

First up, another NEVER AGAIN.

Where: Cinema Concession Stand, Gurney Plaza

Opening Time: Look in the newspaper for the earliest and latest shows. That should be their Opening and Closing hours.

BEAR: Yet another outing with Sister Bear that ended up with horrible food. Not sure if Sister Bear has bad luck or bad taste.

Went to watch Hunger Games and Sister Bear decided that she was hungry. She wandered to the nearest kiosk and promptly got herself a box or meatballs and some nuggets.

Sister Bear likes nuggets.

Came back to kiosk with a pitiful face. The 4 meatballs and 6 pieces of nuggets cost her a total of RM11+. Bear forgot the actual amount since Bear wasn't paying.

Bears decided to "tax" Sister Bear's nuggets and regretted it, it was not only oily but it has a hole inside! How interesting, a hollow nugget. How do they do that?! 

It is a nugget that all girls out there on a diet should eat. It tells your brains that you have eaten 6 full nuggets when you actually just ate about half the amount! Genius!

Behold World, Hungry Bear and Cat presents, the Nug Hole. Named after the Nugget's Nug and Doughnut's hole.

I seeeee youuuu~

                                                                                       I seeeee youuuu too~

Ahh meatballs. Bear's favourite. From the outside, it strangely looks very dry and flavorful. But looks can be deceiving right? In this case, it was WRONG!

It was dry alright with a weird not-very-meatball-like-texture that strangely reminds Bear of a cross between a meatball and cardboard.

 It's not the type of cardboard used to ship TVs  but rather the cheap cardboard they use to pack your food in. The kind that half disintegrates while you are only half way home kind. 

By the time you reach home, the box would have usually absorbed all the oil/ sauce and is now leaking through the corners and no longer resembles a box.

Yeshuuu, that kind.

The meatballs taste as if it was made with a little meat, a little cardboard and a whole lot of MSG. but there's nothing a gallon of chili sauce can't help right?

Partially right.

It made it bearable but Bear thinks that even Gordon Ramsay would not have been able to save these meatballs.

God Save The Meatballs!

Bear suggests that if you are hungry, just save yourself some money and stuff yourself silly with the popcorn. At least those are good.

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