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Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh Sushi Japanese Restaurant

Best in town for: Ambience, location, Salmon Sashimi Bento, Salmon Sushi Maki Bento.
Worst in town for: Katsu Nabe Set (soggy Katsu just doesn't work).

Opening times:
11.30 am - 10.00pm (Weekdays)
11.30 am - 10.30pm (Weekends)

Open all week.

CAT: Most people who visit Straits Quay will end up looking for someplace to dine, and I expect that a lot of these people take one look at Oh Sushi and ignore it, in the belief that Japanese food in a place like Straits Quay will have cutthroat prices. We're quite happy to report that Oh Sushi is actually one of the more affordable eating places in Straits Quay (as long as you dont order their ridiculously expensive Special Sashimi Platter, which clocks in at RM178++!!).

Salmon Sashimi Bento (RM28)

My favorite dish here is the Salmon Sashimi Bento, which is very reasonably priced at RM28. You get a considerable amount of food for your cash: 5 slices of Salmon Sashimi (very fresh!), a California handroll (not as good as Shinjutei), a small serving of Tempura (crispy), salad, Chawan-mushi, Miso Soup, and a bowl of Garlic Fried Rice (AWESOME!!). All in all, it's a pretty good deal. Special mention must be made for the Garlic Fried Rice, which is very well done. Not too oily and packed with enough garlic to give a vampire a heart attack, its super yummy!

One thing I always try out when I visit Japanese restaurants is their Tamago-maki. I love Tamago-maki and to me, it's a real test of the quality of a Japanese restaurant, as it's one of the simplest things on the menu. If a restaurant somehow manages to screw up a simple dish like Tamago-maki, it doesn't bode well for the rest of the food. I can say that Oh! Sushi passes Cat's Tamago Test (tm)


BEAR: To be truthful, I thought Oh Sushi! looked like a really expensive Japanese restaurant considering the fact it IS in Straits Quay. Surprise surprise, it didn't turn out that bad. The set meals are affordable and you won't need to eat grass for a month just so you can pay for the meal.

Instead of my usual set, I decided to order an ala Carte this time. I ordered the Ebi Don which is three prawns dipped in tempura batter fried with rice and Teriyaki sauce topped with a semi fried egg.

Ebi-don (RM 18??)

I found it a little big but still I managed to polish everything off. The prawns were a little soggy and not crispy as I would have expected but it was still good. There is room for improvement on the soggy prawns but its's definitely something I would order again. CAT mentioned that perhaps its soggy because of the egg.

If you don't like egg (or if you don't want soggy prawns) then you could order the Ten-don, which is tempura prawns and vegetables on a bowl of rice.

Ten-don (RM18)

CAT: The Ten-don is the other of my favorite dishes in Oh Sushi. I'm a big fan of Tempura, and Oh Sushi does theirs well. The Ten-don comes with 2 fat prawns and assorted tempura vegetables, and is a really good deal at RM18. It may not be as good as Miraku's tempura, but that's not surprising as Miraku is still one of the best Japanese restaurants in town.

BEAR: As a final note, the service is pretty good but make sure you speak CLEARLY, LOUDLY and SLOWLY when ordering from the foreign waiters. Not that they are bad or anything, they will just miss your orders if you don't do the above.

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